Ewen Chia Training Program – Best I Ever Attended!

Ewen Chia‘s training is the primary reason on why I decided to start this blog.

I attended his live training recently and it greatly changed my view about internet business.

Previously I had attended seminars about Amazon, Q10, eBay and even how to start your own F&B business. (You need a minimal of $8000 just to get started and this is not inclusive of the additional hidden costs)

Before attending this live training, I also tried to learn on my own via online digital products. Although I did learn something from these online products, however, you just cannot compare to the knowledge that I received from the live training.

It is definitely must easier to learn through live training and understand better.

Moreover, this training got to be one of the best training that I have ever attended and I want to share my honest review on it.

Why? You may ask..

Firstly, I felt the need to set the record straight for Ewen as there are many untrue reviews about him. This is a BIG INJUSTICE to him.

These people are employing negative marketing to siphon off the traffic by leveraging on Ewen’s brand name!

After all, Ewen is indeed the pioneer and guru of internet marketing. He had taught many present days internet marketing experts.

You can check out Ewen Chia’s blog and read real students and customers’ review here.

Secondly and more importantly, this is because Ewen taught us a very simple step-by-step system on how to build our own internet business during the live training.

The best part is that you don’t need to be have your own product or services before you can own your own internet business. Like many of my fellow classmates, most of us are just employees and do not have any products or services to sell.

However, he was able to transfer his internet marketing skills and knowledge to us using a straight forward process.

In addition, what I like about his training is that he is very generous in sharing his knowledge and provides us with the full picture of the internet business, leaving no stones unturned.

The principles that that taught are applicable to both people who are new to internet business, to business owners and even benefits seasoned internet marketers.

Of course, whatever he teaches is based from his 20 years of experience from doing business on the internet.

Ewen started in 1997 and only managed to earn his first sale online in 2002. That is a freaking 5 years of time.

How many of us would have preserved? I don’t think I am able to.

This is why Ewen truly understand the struggles of someone who is new to the business and emphasize that we should always go back to his support team if we require assistance.

Back then, when he was starting out, he had no one to look up to.

Fast forward 20 years later, he has trained thousand of students worldwide and make millions just by using the power of the internet.

Lucky for me, I did not need to wait for 5 years to earn my first sale online. In fact, I did it within 48 hours of the training. Yipeee~~~

I implemented what Ewen taught during the class and was able to earn my first sale online.

One of my fellow classmate even achieved 3 sales within the first day of training!

Unfortunately, I did not follow through and got caught up with “LIFE”.

Psss.. these are mere excuses for not applying what I had learned. I hope that you are not like me.

This is why I finally make up my mind to start my internet business proper. And to do that, I should record down what I am doing and share with you about what I have learned.

But please, I am still new and learning and please give me some love <3 Thank you very much in advance.

During the live training, not only did we learned the necessary knowledge to build a strong foundation of the internet business, we also get to get our hands dirty and practised things that we had learned.

For some of my classmates, I realised that some came with an “unopened” mind. Their glass is already full.

Some of them came with a different expectations while some thinks that they know it all.

I can truly understand where they are coming from but hey, if you attending the training, why not empty your glass so that you can receive the knowledge and benefits yourself?

Some people are just… I’ve seen so many in my area of work too. haiz~

On the other hand, there are many more that praised Ewen and his team for the well organised training. Many feedback that they learned a lot and find the training useful.

In fact, during the training, Ewen kept warning us that we are going to have information overloaded.

I think that this is normal especially when you are new to the topic.

He also stressed that we should take action which is what I am trying to do right now đŸ˜›

This is NOT an overnight get-rich quick scheme but a REAL business.

This is the point that many of us missed. You can watch how other cycle a bicycle but you always must go and cycle the bicycle yourself in order to learn how to really cycle a bicycle.

Before the training ended officially, Ewen reminded again that this is the REAL start of our journey.

We also took a class photo together.

Try to spot me in it! hehe.

Now, if you are interested to learn more about how the internet business works and how you can benefit from it, you can attend this free workshop. Click here to register for the free workshop.

Talk to you soon!
Maximum Life Maximum Value

Disclaimer: Some photos and videos belongs to Ewen Chia Fanpage.

Welcome To My Internet Marketing Journey!

Hi! My name is Max and I had been procrastinating to put this blog up ever since I attended an awesome internet business course.

Finally, I decided to put what I’ve learned during the training to good use.

Before that, let me do a brief introduction about myself.

I had been working in a few years in the civil sector and always wanted to start my own business but don’t really know how.

I’ve been to many workshops and seminars and I will be sharing my experiences with you as well.

Now, let’s start my internet marketing journey officially! Hope that you will like what I’ll be sharing on this blog.

Talk to you soon!
Maximum Life Maximum Value